A C T U A L  D A Y
D E B B I E  &  F E L I X
The couple held their lunch wedding at the beautiful Clifford Pier. Featuring only their closes loved ones. This venue is one of our favourites to shoot at during the day. Well-lit with natural light, plenty of space and a long walkway for the perfect march-in.
A C T U A L  D A Y
A B I G A I L  &  W E I  J I N G
The couple held a simple solemnisation at their church. No gate crash due to the pandemic. Just simple and heartfelt promises were while fetching the bride. Simply perfect.
A C T U A L  D A Y
R O Y  &  Y I N G
One of our favourite couples who invited us to capture our wedding, we were just starting out. After months of postponing due to the pandemic, it finally happened! Hosted at Regent Hotel.
A C T U A L  D A Y
S A M  & T I F F A N Y
#POLICEANDTIFF One of the most fun we had at a wedding.Gate crash pre-covid measures. Got to experience one of our first police sword barrier walk-in.